Vehicle Verification Online Bsst App

Vehicle Verification Online Bsst App

Now you can verify your vehicles online through SMS. You can check the vehicle’s data online. Verification of vehicles was the most critical aspect of life rather than the vehicles, but now it’s easy and takes a single moment to verify your’s vehicle through SMS. You do not need to visit Government offices and stay in the lengthy line for the whole day, can do it online. Currently available in Pakistan’s three provinces, Punjab,

Sindh, khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Millions of people in-country get online verification. People spend most of their time on the internet. Similarly, the entire Pakistan vehicles verification system turned online. If you live in two cities of the Country you can transfer it online.

How does it work?

Its just simple to use, put your’s vehicle registration number, Fo information is given below;

• Vehicle registration date
• Model
• Tax paid
• Name of company
• Engine identification number
• Vehicles body shape

Benefits of online verification of vehicles
In the initial, it is an informal idea to serve the public through this technology, following are the benefits,

• Increases the income ratio
• It helps to reduce annoying
• Increase transparency
• It is a hub to utilize people and agencies.
• Improve the service
• On-road vehicles registration.

How can check Vehicle is registered?

Checking vehicle registration number is 8785, enter the vehicle’s registration number, and send it. After sending, you receive an information

message, of the engine number, date of registration, token paid, and owner name.

How to register a car:

• Open your mobile, go to SMS
• Enter the vehicle’s verification number, and send it 8587.
List of documents you mostly need for verification of vehicles:
• Registration book
• License number plate
• Token number
• Delivery letter
• Return file

What is the registration book&Logbook?

The logbook is the registration book, registration, or licensing certificate. It is a verification ownership documentation certificate, VRC(vehicles registration certificate), VLC (vehicles licensing certificate). This document consists of citizen information.

Vehicle Registration:

The purpose of motor vehicle registration is a link between the owner, user, and company. This link might use in the case of taxation and crime detection because the vehicles can identify by their registration numbers
Step-by-Step registration;

• Complete your’s documents as mentioned below.
• Application signed by Excise Inspector.
• After verification of documents, visit the DEO (data entry operator), will proceed with you further if your documents are complete.
• Then pay the fee to DEO
• Also, the deposit number plate fee toDEO
• DEO will issue the vehicle registration certificate.

Required documents:

• Applicant’s CNIC photocopy
• Registration application to the Excise&Taxtation officer
• A sale document will require in the case of locally manufactured documentation.
• Entry bills, bills of landing, and other related documents in the case of imported vehicles.
• Auction voucher and further documentation will require in case of an auctioned vehicle.




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