Virus Cleaner For Android Apk Download

virus cleaner & phone cleaner is the android application, which protects your phone from the virus. The latest version of the android phone has already the feature of virus cleaner, also cache cleaner, storage cleaner, optimize the phone battery, speed up your mobile, junk cleaner, cool down mobile, and protect your device from viruses. This application doesn’t harm your mobile, not consume battery. It is too easy and fast to clean your mobile, easy to use. when your phone is sticking then use the phone cleaner your mobile will works well. It helps to maintain your android. It analyzes your phone and improves the performance of your phone, does not harm your phone security, and affects your data.

How do I clean my phone from viruses?

Power off your mobile

Uninstall unknown source applications

Install the phone cleaner from the google play store.

Open the app and clean your phone from the virus.

Is that phone cleaner is a safe application?

Yes, phone cleaner & antivirus is a safe application that doesn’t harm your device or not affect your android data not steal any personal information. It boosts up your phone to run speedily and clear the junk files.

Do phones need antivirus?

Your phone has already built-in antivirus protection. so do not need to install the other antivirus applications on the mobile. Just uninstall the harmful apps/ clear cache data and junk files to save from the antivirus.

Some other applications:

some of the other antivirus applications are given below;

Norton mobile security:

This is an award-winning security mobile application. This application provides you the top-level security for your android phone, it has the antivirus feature to protect from malware.

Protect your personal information also protect your online privacy.

Block the cybercriminals to detect your information.

Real-time antivirus protects your phone against malware and other online threats give you security.

It acts like a web-protecting safeguard, protects you from malicious websites, sometimes you open unknown links, then this will give you security.

Maricle cleaner:

If your phone has a storage issue you can free up the space by clearing the cache data, junk files, duplicate files with tour permission. If your phone was working slowly you can speed up your mobile, battery saver, cool down the temperature, will run fast.

It is a free application.

Clean out your mobile from junk files.

Boost up device.

Optimize the battery.

Virus cleaner-Antivirus & Phone cleaner:

This is the super security, antivirus, and virus cleaner application. It is free and has a powerful engine of android antivirus cleaner. It gives you the virus security, CPU cooler, battery saving, speeds up, RAM cleaner effective antivirus cleaner also notification cleaner your phone. It also provides an antimalware tool to protect from real-time.

It has a powerful antivirus cleaner.

It’s a virus cleaner.

provides you, with a security master, to protect your data.

Speed up mobile.

RAm cleaner or memory cleaner.

Battery saver

It can clean a large size file.

Mute the disturbing notifications.

Wifi security, use public network free without showing your identity.

Antivirus, virus cleaner, Booster-fancy security:

It is also an anti-virus security cleaner, junk file remover, protects your phone security, cleans up the storage, speeds up the mobile in just a single click.

Protects device from the anti-virus.

Scan the virus.

Remove malware.

Gives the virus cleaner.

App lock to protect your phone security.

Notification cleaner, from irritating notifications.

Battery saver

Scan the app which uses more data.

Duplicate snaps cleaner.

CPU cleaner.

Game booster




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