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Save alerts from your phone and track what’s happening in your folders
WhatsApp Remote + is an app that lets you track notifications and folders and track changes and deleted files, so you don’t miss anything in your favorite messaging apps. WhatsApp Remote + uses technology developed for WhatsApp Beamode ,which has been removed from the Google Play Store because it violates the WhatsApp Terms of Service.
Although the original app only focused on tracking WhatsApp’s deleted messages, we’ve expanded our reach to all messaging apps and even others. During the installation, you can select the apps and folders you want to monitor as long as they do not violate our Terms of Service.
If the application changes the notification or deletes the message, it will notify you so that you know what happened, whether through a deleted message, a deleted file, or some other application that contains important information. ۔
Like WhatsApp Remote, WhatsApp Remote + does not send your data to external servers, only to your phone.
WhatsRemoved + will not hold all notifications, only the apps you choose. We’ve developed an installation configuration tool and a number of learning algorithms that allow you to adapt to each user’s needs, just save what you really need.
Check the folder for deleted files.
Window to display all deleted messages.
Easy to adjust.
Save a history of the information you selected.
Notify and inform of changes in the news.
One tab for each app with notification history.
Search the system by alert groups.
Learn algorithms for more accurate and easy installation.
WhatsApp ™ WhatsApp Inc. is a trademark.
WhatsRemoved + WhatsApp Inc. Not related to it.




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