Whatsy Free Toolkit For Whatsapp Apk

Get 15+ tools in Whatsy so no one can stop you from becoming a pro.

What makes you a professional user of WhatsApp, because it is a toolkit specially designed for WhatsApp.
Now you do not have to download many apps for different functions as you get more than 15 amazing tools in Whatsy.

What an amazing feature list –

magic tools –

1. Convert text to emojis
A tool that helps you create a text message with emojis, such as creating a greeting with roses and hearts to make someone feel special, and impressing your family and loved ones with a text message that comes from their favorite emojis have been created.

2. Teksherhaler
It is a tool that allows you to repeat a message with a few clicks several times.

Empty message
With the help of this blank messaging tool you can send blank messages and surprise your friends and family.

4. Magic text
With the help of this magical text, you can easily change your text writing styles, and now you do not have to beg in front of others to teach you how to do it if you can do it yourself.

5. Search profile
With this tool you can search on WhatsApp by just typing the number in the column, and as soon as you press the button, it will show you the profile of the unknown number.

6. The faces of Ascii
With the toolkit of our app for ascii faces, you can use the faces and emojis in WhatsApp chat, it reminds you of your old days memory in the modern app.

7. Caption status
With this WhatsApp widget feature you can find many statuses for whatsapp captions so that you can use them while uploading the status, these days there is a tendency to post songs, videos or photo status, so due to the increasing demand , we have brought this function for you.

8. Split long video
With this long video splitter you can always share video with long status by splitting it into short videos.

fun tools –

1. False story
Now you can create a fake whatsapp status for any name by selecting the picture you want to display, just tap the person’s contact name, tap last seen and select the photo or video you want to use, and you’re ready to go. to enjoy.

2. False profile
With the help of this amazing Fake ID tool you can create a fake ID that looks absolutely genuine,

3. False chat
A chat that you can create on both sides yourself and with the contact you want, so you can now send snapshots of a conversation that did not even exist.

4. false call
You can make a call with the timing of the call and the date with the contact you did not select, which can be shown to anyone you suspect or want to check your phone if you are lying.

burglary tools –

1. Download Status
In the case of images, we can take screenshots, but what about videos, here is the status downloader with which you can download the desired status, whether it is images or videos.

2. Whatsapp Booster
WhatsApp Booster is therefore nothing more than a cleaner for your whatsapp photos and videos, which takes up unnecessary space and is of no use.

3. Whatsapp Hacker
As the name suggests, this is a Whatsapp hack tool (just a joke) This is Whatsapp web so you can access multiple Whatsapp accounts.

4. Instant messaging
If you want to chat with someone without saving a number, then this tool is for you, the instant messaging tool helps you to chat with anonymous people and without stored numbers.

5. Delete message recovery
It is a tool that helps you to recover deleted messages sent to you by your friends or someone and then delete them before reading them.

6. Walk and talk
It is a modern, unique tool that is very easy to use and prevents you from getting in the way while chatting.


Disclaimer: WhatsTool is made by us, and is not an official WhatsApp application and is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.

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