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Get more than 15 tools so no one can stop you from becoming a pro.

What makes you a professional WhatsApp user is because it is a specially designed tool for WhatsApp.
Now you don’t have to download many apps for different functions because you get more than 15 amazing tools in WhatsApp.

What an amazing list of features –

magic tools –

1. SMS Emoji.
A tool that helps you to create SMS with emojis like roses and hearty greetings to make someone special, and inspire your neighbors and loved ones with their favorite sms emojis.

2. Processor cracking.
This is a tool that allows you to repeat a message multiple times with just a few clicks.

Blank message.
With this blank messaging tool, you can send blank messages and surprise your friends and family.

4. Magic text.
With the help of this magic text, you can easily change the way you write your text. You no longer have to beg in front of others to learn how to do it if you can.

5. Find the profile.
This tool allows you to search WhatsApp simply by typing its number in the column, and as soon as you press the button, the profile of the unknown number will appear.

6. ASCII faces
With this SCI Face Toolkit from our app, you can use faces and emojis in your WhatsApp chat, to remind you of your old days in a new app.

7. Caption status
With this WhatsApp tool feature, you can find a lot of WhatsApp Status Captions that you can use when you upload statuses, these days there is a tendency to put song lyrics, video statuses or images in the caption I have brought this feature for

8. Distribute long videos.
With this long video splitter, you can always share long status videos by splitting them into short videos.

Preacher’s Tool –

1. False story.
Now you can create fake WhatsApp statuses of any name by selecting the photo you want to view, entering the person’s contact name, last viewed time, and the photo or video you want to use. You can choose it and you are ready to enjoy.

2. Wrong profile
Now with the help of this amazing fake identifier you can create a fake id that looks very real,

fake chat
A chat you can create from both sides and with the desired contact yourself, so now you can send screenshots of a chat that did not already exist.

4. False call.
You can call with call times and interview the desired selection for the connection that did not actually occur, which can be shown to anyone who doubts that you want to check your phone. If you lie, save yourself.

hacking tool –

1. Download status.
In the case of images, we can take screenshots, but what about videos, here is a status downloader, with which you can download the desired status, be it a photo or a video.

2. WhatsApp Booster.
So WhatsApp Booster is nothing more than a cleaner for WhatsApp photos and videos, which takes up unnecessary and useless space.

3. WhatsApp Hacker.
As the name suggests, this is a WhatsApp hack tool (just a joke). This is a WhatsApp website so that you can access more than one WhatsApp account.

4. Instant messaging.
If you want to chat with someone without saving numbers, this tool is for you, an instant messaging tool that helps you to chat with strangers and without archiving numbers.

5. Delete messages recovery.
This is a tool that helps you to recover deleted messages that your friend or someone sends you and then delete them before they can be read.

6. Walk and talk
It is a modern and unique tool that is very easy to use and prevents you from finding obstacles in your way during your conversations.


Disclaimer: We are the creator of WhatsApp Tool, it is not a WhatsApp application and is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.

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