WsatSaga Story Split Save Status Apk

Post the long video status by sharing it, saving it or sharing it with others!

Long long stories!


Do not limit your stories to 15 seconds.

Watsaga is a franchise that helps you publish stories longer than 15 seconds by instantly splitting and merging 15-second videos.

Posting long video status on WhatsApp is very easy because you don’t have to cut it manually, WhatsApp will do it for you and share it on WhatsApp.



Steel Real Estate!

Tired of being tested by other people?

WhatsApp helps you to view, save and share your current status

And not just photos and videos, no!


Sound status !!!

Voice status also comes in WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp today!
We are still in beta and more features will come. Give us your rating 🙂

WhatsApp is now also available for business. First official WhatsApp downloader app that works !!


This app is in no way connected to WhatsApp or WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc. This is not a trademark infringement.




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